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Our Story

Who could’ve guessed it? How could we have known back in 2013 when we launched Fava Pot that Food Network would eventually vote us one of “America’s 26 Best Food Trucks”  --  or that in four short years we would turn that successful food truck business into an even more successful brick-and-mortar restaurant? 

From the beginning, we kept our eyes on the prize; serving the best of healthy, home-style Egyptian cuisine in an atmosphere that would make our customers feel like they were amongst a family. We do this by sourcing high-quality ingredients to cook our authentic meals. That means serving locally sourced foods such as chicken and game hens that are antibiotic-free and succulent meats that are grass-fed. And we responded by providing what more and more of our customers were asking for; delicious vegetarian and gluten-free options. 

And we never sacrifice on value. That means our signature falafel is made entirely from scratch – no powders or premade doughs. And those famed fava beans? We slow-cook them for 12 hours in special spices.

When I left Egypt in 2004, I kept my beloved homeland and its distinctive home cooking at heart. Back then I could not find a restaurant in DC that offered Egyptian food. The Fava Pot dream has come true and I am so grateful to our partners, my team – and most especially our customers – for making it possible for us to serve you a distinctive Egyptian experience! 


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