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Education is something many in the developed world take for granted. In the United States, most children grow up with the assurance that they will be sent to school at a young age and excel if they pay attention in class. In countries like Egypt, where the illiteracy rate for girls and women is around 36%, a college education is considered a luxury. The good news is that if we care just a little bit; if we brainstorm ways to make a difference in the lives of even one or two women, the reality could be very different. And this possibility for a different reality is what inspires us here at Fava Pot.

Make a lasting impact on another person’s life

From its inception, the idea behind Fava Pot has been to provide busy professionals an alternative to fast food and to provide catering to businesses and organizations in the D.C. metropolitan area. But in addition to this, we want every purchase at Fava Pot to have a lasting impact on another person’s life and future – even as far away as Egypt. So, we have teamed up with an incredible non-profit organization called Coptic Orphans to make it happen.

Coptic Orphans has an impressive 25-year legacy of sponsoring over 30,000 Coptic children who are fatherless, providing them with food, education, and shelter. Fava Pot’s founder, Dina Daniel, worked at Coptic Orphans for six years and saw first-hand the results their initiatives had on turning around the lives of many children and young adults. Inspired by these real-life stories through her work with Coptic Orphans, she vowed to continue helping even as she moved on to a new endeavor.

Your Fava Pot purchase will benefit gifted Coptic Orphans

While there are many ways to help Coptic orphans, Dina chose a specific project so that the money donated can have a lasting impact. After watching the 2013 film Girl Rising, Dina was certain she wanted to make a difference in the lives of girls in Egypt who, without financial assistance, would not be able to make it through college. Many disadvantaged Coptic girls still cannot afford the books and supplies, and are often discouraged from pursuing a college degree because it delays making an income and finding a marriage partner.

Even worse, girls’ education is devalued at large, and many girls report being belittled and unappreciated, and are made to feel unimportant in the classroom. Some of them are told outright that their proper place is in the home, and that a college education is a waste of time. We firmly believe that this is an injustice that needs to be eradicated. Girls should be encouraged to learn and grow, pursue a passion, and find meaning in their work.

Building on Coptic Orphan’s Valuable Girl Project, a development program that empowers girls and young women through educational mentoring since 2002, Dina wanted to also offer financial assistance to gifted high school graduates so they are able to pursue a college education. This newly minted program sponsored by Fava Pot is called Coptic Girl Rising: it offers a yearly scholarship to sponsor 5 gifted girls with aspirations to enroll in a college degree program, but without the means to complete the program on their own.

In addition to nourishing your body through the food we provide, you can be sure that every meal you purchase through Fava Pot will have an enduring impact on a young Egyptian girl’s life. While our dream is to be able to help every girl achieve her dreams, we are starting with a small number and working our way up. Eventually, we would like to see a program offer financial assistance and mentorship to every girl around the planet who has resolved but little to no monetary support to achieve her goals.

If you are moved to donate, please do so through Coptic Orphans via this link. Having worked with Coptic Orphans for many years, Dina guarantees you that your donation will make a difference.